Design and Implementation of Bluetooth Mesh Outdoor Lighting

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för reglerteknik

Author: Måns Hofvander; [2022]

Keywords: Technology and Engineering;

Abstract: In the days of IoT and smart homes Bluetooth is in constant development and with it the products that use Bluetooth. Bluetooth mesh is the latest feature and with it comes many opportunities of new products. This report describes the development of an outdoor light system which can be controlled from a website. The system is named Luminaire and consists of a custom built circuit board, an encapsulating casing and the software needed to run the Luminaire. Luminaire turns a light bulb on and off on demand but also after the rising and setting of the sun. The mesh functionality makes it possible for the smartphone or tablet to only reach a single unit and this unit will pass on the signal to the entire network. This makes it possible to control lights in a very large area. At the time of writing there is no such product on the market and Luminaire aims to fill that position. This projects aims not only to build this product but also acquire the knowledge needed for other mesh applications in the future. Under the management of Adevo Consulting the project has taken seven months and has been successful in every aspect so far. As a proof of concept the latest prototype is a great success and something to build on in the future for a product that aims to go on the market. There are issues with the high voltage circuit on the which means that at the time of writing the circuit board cannot provide the 230 VAC that the light bulb requires without external components. The complete system can be seen in figure 0.1.

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