The Swedish Prison and Probation Service assistance of prison development : Focus on Somalia

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för samhällsstudier (SS)

Abstract: Despite the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (SPPS) are a pioneer on the global arena regarding the area of corrections, generally little is known of what they do in Sweden as well as internationally. This study will explore the SPPS implementation of prison development in Somalia, which will be done through interviews with seconded personnel and others within the Swedish government that have connections to the prison development in Somalia. The findings were able to answer the research questions for this thesis, namely what the SPPS are doing internationally, what they are doing in Somalia and lastly if they have seen any results in Somalia. In the analysis, the middle power theory was used through an abductive approach to see if the SPPS fulfilled the criterions for the theory namely moral power, multilateralism and conflict management. It is concluded that the SPPS work in Somalia have been effective. They have contributed considerably to the local development and the seconded personnel has also learnt lessons for life which they can use also in their further carriers. Through their contacts, which they have established, they might also contribute further bilaterally even in the event of a withdrawal from the United Nations.

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