Green 3PL Warehousing - A case study of how Kuehne Nagel Sweden’s warehousing operations can become green.

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: The thesis aims to analyze how the 3PL industry can become more sustainable in its warehousing operations. The thesis presents several factors that affect a 3PL warehouse’s environmental impact through a qualitative case report. The results are based on interviews with relevant persons working within or in connection to 3PL warehousing. These interviews are analyzed in combination with a theoretical framework to ultimately answering the research questions. The conclusion structures a framework for Swedish 3PL-actors to consider when shaping their sustainable warehouses. Factors affecting a warehouse’s energy efficiency are investigated to identify which areas are of higher importance to reduce the environmental impact of the warehousing operations. Also, the thesis explores the possibilities of self-producing solar energy, revealing the current pros and cons of producing renewable energy and presenting two different approaches for developing solar energy production plants. Additionally, the future of energy storage is explored to draw a picture of where the market is today and why energy storage should be considered for all modern warehouses

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