The Sollentuna Project

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: The medialibrary is included within an overall development plan. This plan has been drawn up by the communal office and aims to finish in 2030. The aim of this design is to promote unification and comunication, especially in the central area of Sollentuna. The challenge that faces the municipality is to eliminate the division that has been forming since the time gave impetus to the rail.Today is not only the railway passing through the sector but also the commuter train.The two sectors clearly formed because of this communication system were even more sharply divided during the construcction of the so called million housing program.I have proposed a subway train. The media library has the purpose to contain several features that appeal to the publicon both sides of the line and thus generate a social contact that can develop good communication and cooperation. It was considered the young generation and their needs without leaving aside elderly.The design, the differens spaces and rooms, the buliding facilities, are intended to generate communication and unification among the users.

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