AI in Executive Education - How Artificial Intelligence is expected to change Executive Education

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Education organisations are important for the development of the society. Those organisations must continue develop at the same pace as the society to be relevant. One of today’s biggest development is the digital transformation of society and education organisations. AI is a part of the digitalization; a technology that has the qualities to learn and get smarter over time. AI will change not only what people learn, but also how they learn. If used properly, AI can contribute to substantial competitive advantages not only for the actors in the education industry but also for the society. One of the identified problems are that there is no specific way of how to implement AI in in education. Therefore, it is challenging to see how AI are expected to change education industry, in this case more specific the executive education businesses. The purpose of the thesis is to create a better understanding for how AI are expected to change organizations that work with executive education, so that individuals can take part in the best possible way as society evolves. Thus, the thesis is built from an abductive approach where empirical findings will be compared with the literature from previous studies in AI. Empirical findings are based on interviews with five Executive Educations CEOs whom all work in the area of professional education. The literature review is based on previous studies in lifelong learning and AI, which is part of the development of digitalization. To answer the research question How Artificial Intelligence is expected to change Executive Education. The analysis is divided into why and what to make it easier to understand the question of how AI will affect executive education. The risks with AI have also been taking into account, in order to shown risks that could be limited. The result shows that the organizations understand the meaning of why there need to be change and what types of changes that are relevant today, but it is still unclear how it should be done. One uncertain factor can be that AI is seen as expensive. A solution to the problem could be that organizations in executive education learn to work together both internally and externally from an economic perspective. The whole society has an opportunity to achieve more with AI, and organizations will risk less if they do not have to carry the holding risk themselves.

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