University essay from Högskolan Dalarna/Företagsekonomi

Abstract: Purpose: This study aims to explore the CSR strategies in startup companies. To achieve this, this research paper, therefore, strives to first understand what drives startups to adopt socially responsible activities, gauging the level of commitment to CSR and understanding how startup companies implement soMethodology: This research was conducted using a qualitative research approach using a multiple case approach. The multiple case study focused on Swedish startups. Primary data was used through semi-structured interviews and it was complemented by secondary data extracted from the company's websites.Findings: Startup companies are mainly driven to engage in CSR through a strategic motive but influenced by the moralistic motive that has mainly contributed to the startup companies to be proactive and accommodative in their CSR. And these startups approach CSR leads to their implementation of CSR integrated into their business model.Conclusion: This study stresses the importance of integrating CSR to the strategy of the companies especially in Startup companies where most think CSR is costly and not possible for these starting up ventures. Strategic CSR could be of benefit for competitive advantage and most importantly, the growth and survival of startup companies. Strategic CSR is a possibility for startup companies!

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