Digital transformation: How does physician’s work become affected by the use of digital health technologies?

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap

Abstract: Digital transformation is evolving, and it is driving at the helm of the digital evolution. The amount of information accessible to us has revolutionized the way we gather information. Mobile technology and the immediate and ubiquitous access to information has changed how we engage with services including healthcare. Digital technology and digital transformation have afforded people the ability to self-manage in different ways than face-to-face and paper-based methods through different technologies. This study focuses on exploring the use of the most commonly used digital health technologies in the healthcare sector and how it affects physicians’ daily routine practice. The study presents findings from a qualitative methodology involving semi-structured, personal interviews with physicians from Sweden and a physician from Spain. The interviews capture what physicians feel towards digital transformation, digital health technologies and how it affects their work. In a field where a lack of information regarding how physicians work is affected by digital health technologies, this study reveals a general aspect of how reality looks for physicians. A new way of conducting medicine and the changed role of the physician is presented along with the societal implications for physicians and the healthcare sector. The findings demonstrate that physicians’ role, work and the digital transformation in healthcare on a societal level are important in shaping the future for the healthcare industry and the role of the physician in this future.

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