Supply Chain Traceability : A framework for a future traceability system in the electrification industry

University essay from KTH/Industriell produktion

Author: William Bergström; Florian Haas; [2020]

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Abstract: Society's demand for supply chain traceability is increasing. The need for traceability has been prevalent in food and pharmaceuticals for quite some time. However, the demand for traceability is now spreading to other industries, for instance, the electrification industry. This thesis aims to establish a traceability system framework for an electrification company that strives to have sustainable products of a specific origin. The framework must satisfy both the company's mission and existing legislation. Furthermore, both sustainability and having a supply chain of a specific origin is something that the food and pharmaceutical industries have used traceability systems to verify. The electrification industry could implement traceability systems similar to those in other industries. Therefore, the suggested traceability system framework is based on a literature review from other industries. The framework is also based on stakeholder analysis and a value tree analysis. The result is a framework presented through data flow and entity-relationship models. The suggested traceability system tracks data from customer RFQ and the most upstream sub-supplier to the end-of-life of the product. The result is a system that can verify the company's sustainability, quality, and the specific origin of the supply chain while complying with existing legislation.

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