The Development of Risk Communication in Emergency River Pollution Accidents in China

University essay from KTH/Industriell ekologi

Author: Liang Song; [2007]

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Abstract: Risk communication was inferred in public emergence accident during the outbreak of SARS inthe year of 2004 in China. It provides information, avoids panic, and makes decisions during the crisis. After that risk communication was also considered a useful tool in dealing with public health-bird flu in China. This study of risk communication is focus on the emergency river pollution accidents in China,taking Songhua River pollution accidents as a case study. The purpose of this study is examiningthe performance of each aspects of risk communication in emergency river pollution accidents. It includes information flow, government responsibility, and legislation. After Songhua Riverpollution accident, a series of emergency river pollution accidents break out in China. Review these accidents, some factor blocked risk communication including information transparency, corporation behaviors, implement of law and so on.

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