‘Creative Writing’: An Efficient Supplementary Tool for Teaching English at Swedish High Schools

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Engelska institutionen

Abstract: English is, can be, and ought to be taught through various teaching modes for deeper learning to take place successfully. ‘Creative writing’ has shown to be, according to previous research and interviewed high school teachers, a successful tool for teaching English as a foreign language, just as it can help students reach requirements and course goals constituted by the National Agency for Education in Sweden. Furthermore, creative forms of the English language are shown to be largely what motivate high school students the most to learn English, and what interest them about the English language in general. Nevertheless, ‘creative writing’ is rarely practiced when teaching English as a foreign language at Swedish high schools. Together, these findings suggest that ‘creative writing’ should be used more frequently as a tool for teaching English in Sweden. A prerequisite for actualizing the suggestion is education of English teachers in how to teach it properly.  

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