The inclination for a preference.

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen Konsthögskolan

Author: Georgios Lazaridos; [2021]

Keywords: Fine Arts;

Abstract: In this essay I have playfully ventured to rediscover what I might know about art,what has been formed and blended all this time inside my mind, by the sources,influences, readings, references I have come across. Partially to answer to myselfwhere is my trajectory, where is it headed, and in that tracing hopefully, I willprovide a short reading here about what I think is art, and how I approach it.So, one can start from a simple question, at which one does not care to concludewith an answer: "why do we mark/trace a surface? Or for that matter, sculpt, think,animate etc." What is the inclination behind it? And more importantly, why do wecling to a specific preference?” My work consists of two parts: of the one which is here, and of everything whichI have not written. And precisely this second part is the important one.”-Wittgenstein

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