Parental Involvement & Parental Anxiety

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Abstract: This study aimed at examining the potential relations of parental involvement onto parents, namely the procurement of parent anxiety. A middle school in an area of middle to low socio-economic level was approached to conduct the survey and a hundred and fifteen (N = 115) participants completed questionnaires regarding their levels of parental anxiety and parental involvement, measured here as an average of five (5) other sub-variables and their involvement with their children’s academic life respectively. The study produced no statistically or otherwise significant results, nor did gender seemed to be a predictor for either of the variables. Additional tests were conducted to check on potential correlations or effects between the sub-variables that were measured as part of assessing parental anxiety levels and namely health and marital problems, social exclusion, parental limitation and general everyday freedom of action of the parent. These were also probed versus gender, and parental involvement. It is concluded that while reliable and often used in literature, the questionnaires were not quite right for this research question and that different types of cultures, parenting styles, as well as children create a difficult mix of variables to study or are not related at all as the findings suggest.

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