Mångbruksplan inriktning vilt och viltvårdsanpassning av skogen

University essay from SLU/School for Forest Management

Abstract: This multiple use forestry plan is made on the property Basunda which is located in the southern parts of the province Östergötland. The owners of the property today are Jonas and Ulrik Saanum, but it has been in the family since their grandfather bought it 1933. There is a slaughterhouse on the property in which they take care of domestic cattle and animals from the forest. Jonas and Ulrik are also dedicated hunters. These are the two reasons to why the focus is wildlife and wildlife management. The question at issue of this work is simplified: what demands does the wildlife have; and how will the owners be able to fulfill these, what changes in the forest management must be made and will these changes result in a different budget, compared to the ordinary forest management. This work is based from a freshly made forestry management plan. I based my fieldwork on this plan, but made my own management proposals, that would benefit the game. The games I have specialized this work on are roe deer, fallow deer, moose and wild boar. I have consistently worked with hardwood trees for food and thick stands as shelter. Food and shelter are namely the most important conditions for the wild animals. The conclusion in my work is that the cost of all felling and scarification is the same in both alternatives, while planting and clearing got cheaper and regular clearing and removal of seed trees became more expensive.

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