Overcoming the barriers that elderly face in their local environment

University essay from KTH/Urbana och regionala studier

Author: Iliana Koutani; [2019]

Keywords: elderly; housing; public space;

Abstract: The aim of this thesis project is to investigate the current situation of elderly life in Sweden with a primary focus on the city of Stockholm, regarding the housing situation and the local environment and how these can have an impact on the life quality of this population group. Accessibility towards housing and facilities that are required for everyday living, together with socialization where the two main themes studied. Background research on the current housing and service provision for the elderly was performed in order to get an estimate of the living conditions. This estimation was afterwards verified by questionnaire research combined with semi-structured interviews with twenty elderly residents from various areas of Stockholm. Another part of the research was a literature review on publications that have been presented in the past regarding age-friendly cities, active ageing and senior living in the public space which continues with a summary of policies and guidelines, followed internationally and locally. When combining the results from the literature review on the policies with the results from the questionnaires and the interviews it became apparent that a lot of the elderly needs are satisfied in the city of Stockholm, and generally they enjoy a good quality of life, with the current system of services for housing and socialization. The results also highlighted the problematic aspects such as the lack of information about the provided services, that make the elderly not able to consider changes that might be beneficial for them. The final goal is to provide some suggestions for designing future planning policies and their potential focus areas.

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