NetInf Node for Bluetooth Enabled Android Devices

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Linus Sunde; [2013]

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Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is an alternative to today's Host-Centric Networking, such as TCP/IP. It tries to solve content delivery problems by naming data instead of hosts. This allows for, among other things, effective in-network caching  and request aggregation. Network of Information (NetInf) is an ICN architecture. A prototype providing NetInf functionality to Android applications was developed during a previous master's thesis and project course. The prototype consists of a separate Android application. Taking into account lessons learned during the development of the prototype, it is rewritten as a library. The new library is designed to be easier to use and extend than the previous prototype. To achieve this, the dependency on the OpenNetInf library is removed. The new library is extended with support for request aggregation. A Bluetooth Convergence Layer is also specified and implemented to support communication over Bluetooth, but could potentially be used over any protocol providing a reliablebit stream, e.g. TCP/IP. To demonstrate the usage of the new library, an application allowing for live video streaming is implemented. Measurements are performed in order to investigate properties of the Bluetooth Convergence layer implementation. Approximately 200 KIB/s of bandwidth is available in the ideal case. Small objects are transfered at lower rates, due to proportionally larger overhead. The setup time of a Bluetooth connection is in the order of seconds, indicating that the library's support for connection reuse is necessary

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