The ZAZI campaign´s Facebook page : A field study of the use of Facebook in the ZAZI campaign in South Africa

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Akademin för utbildning och ekonomi

Abstract: Titel: The ZAZI campaign’s Facebook page- A field study of the use of Facebook in the ZAZI campaign Level: Bachelor thesis, C-level Area: Media and Communication Studies Author: Alexandra Svedström, V14MKand Supervisor: Associate professor Eva Åsén Ekstrand, Department of Media and Communication Studies Date: The field study will be conducted during March - May in 2014 Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the motives and attitudes of a group of South African women and men (aged between 20 to 30 years) have towards responding to the questions set on the ZAZI campaign’s Facebook page that may involve private and sensitive information. It also seeks to examine whether the questions that ZAZI campaign sets are consistent with the informant’s attitudes and motives. Rationale: The result may be used to improve the campaign whose ultimate goal is to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS by strengthening women's self-efficacy and confidence. Questions: What are the selected informant’s motives for using Facebook in general? What attitudes and motives do the selected South African Facebook users have toward commenting on the questions on the ZAZI campaigns Facebook page? How are the selected informants’ attitudes and motives consistent with the type of questions the campaign set? Method: Content analysis and focus groups. Result: The study indicate that the motives for writing on the ZAZI campaign's Facebook page differs depending on socio-economic status and that the campaign should vary the content of the questions so all women's motives become satisfied. The page appears, for those groups with a lack of socio-economic status, to serve as a platform that encourages and create conversations about private matters. Keywords: Health campaign, Facebook, Internet, social media, South Africa, focus groups, ZAZI campaign, uses and gratification, self-efficacy, HIV

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