A study on how to establish companies in India from a legal and tax point of view

University essay from Lunds universitet/Juridiska institutionen

Author: Emma Villius; [2007]

Keywords: Skatterätt; Law and Political Science;

Abstract: My graduate thesis handles the problem how Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (SEMC) in the easiest way can establish a market in the south of India, Chennai, relating to accessories. The most relevant accessory that they want to manufacture is portable hands frees. I have made an analysis of financial and governmental directives and found out what the restrictions are to import and export goods to and from India. My work also comprehends the possibilities for SEMC to establish a local production of accessories based upon the governmental financial duties, levies and other directives applicable for such business 9operation. My key focus has been on inbound and outbound duties and fees as well as financial and legal directives and restrictions to establish local production in India. First, I have a little summary on how Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB work and what their intentions with the new establishment are. The structure of the legal work is also included. After that, a brief description on how India is built, as a country as well as a legal body. In the middle of the thesis, I have made a description on how one can establish a company in India to receive the most advantages concerning taxes, customs and incentives. The foreign trade policy of India is discussed at the end of the thesis along with the policy regarding the telecom sector.

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