Is Green IT Threat to Security? : Assessing the Green IT from Information Assurance and Security Perspective

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Author: Rafia Umair; [2012]

Keywords: Technology; Green IT; Teknik;

Abstract: With rapid growth and pervasive usage of internet and information technology, information assurance and security has become the top most challenging issues for many organizations. Security professionals and experts have been striving hard to protect the computers, information and centralized network system. These security risks increase more when information is held outside the internal computing environment. Additionally, IT industries are recently pushed by environment regulation to reduce the CO2 footprint of information technology system, production and processes lines. According to recent statistics IT industry is responsible of generating 3% of carbon footprint (Frangiskatos, Ghassemian and Diane, 2010) through their massive consumption of energy. One of the solutions to reduce the energy consumption by Information Communication Technology (ICT) is introduction of Green IT solutions such as Virtualization, thin client, cloud computing, paper reduction, on-line communication system, travel reduction and computer recycling. These Green IT efforts have many green benefits and leading a change in IT processes and system for the protection of environment. But the efforts to reduce, energy consumption, efficient utilization of resources and electronic waste (e-waste) and change in IT may put the system and information on risk if “Green IT” initiatives and solutions are not reviewed from an Information Assurance perspective. As a result it can impact the continuity of business and its assets. This thesis provides a literature review on Green IT from information assurance and security perspective. The purpose of thesis is to assess how Green IT could be threat to security. Its key areas of focus on information assurance and security threats and risks in Green IT solutions which are being promoted for environmental protection. Thesis also highlights the vulnerabilities in Green IT solutions. Thesis presents security challenges of Green IT, need to focus, towards the goal of secure Green IT. While thesis does not discuss any specific defense mechanism, it provides a path for future research in this domain. I believe that thesis work points towards an interesting and important area in Green IT security.

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