Factors Affecting the Number of Trades in ETPs on Nordic Derivatives Exchange

University essay from KTH/Matematisk statistik

Abstract: This thesis examines which factors that affect the number of trades in exchange-traded products (ETPs) on Nordic Derivatives Exchange. Multiple linear regression is used to model the relationship between the number of trades and 65 initially chosen predictor variables. The predictor variables include various indices, commodities, stocks, and volatility measures. Two models are presented, one of which includes a lagged dependent variable. These models explain 89% and 92% of the variance within the data. Foremost, the results confirm previous research advocating the volatility to play a significant role on the number of trades, but now also shown for ETPs. Currency exchange rates, equity indices and palladium are also shown to be statistically significant. In addition, interpretations of the results are given and suggestions for further research.

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