OMSketch : Graphical Sketch Editor in OpenModelica Interactive Notebook

University essay from Linköpings universitet/PELAB - Laboratoriet för programmeringsomgivningarLinköpings universitet/Tekniska högskolan

Abstract: Modelica is an object-oriented equation based language to model complex physical systems containing mechanical, electrical and other types of components. It provides libraries that enable to simulate these systems. Many commercial and free simulation environments are available. It is maintained by the non-profitable organization called the “Modelica Association” containing members from different parts of the world. Many industries use Modelica for model based development. OpenModelica is an open source object-oriented equation based language based on Modelica. DrModelica is a guide to learn Modelica, and it provides a detailed tutorial for Modelica that range from beginner to expert level. OMNotebook document provides an interactive way to learn DrModelica. It provides series of tutorials that help to learn to use Modelica. It provides dynamic way to simulate models. OMSketch is a graphical editor to OMNotebook document. Its main aim is to provide shapes to OMNotebook document. The editor provides different shapes that can be drawn dynamically and also have properties such as colors, pen styles and brush properties. The shapes can be dynamically resized, translated and rotated. These operations can be performed on single shape and also on a group of shapes. Edit operations such as cut, copy and paste are supported. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to perform edit operations. The drawn shapes can be saved into different file formats such as png, bmp etc. These can also be open to edit and make changes. The OMSketch editor saves the shapes in regular graphical file formats with some information. The shape's properties are also saved into a file as text. Thus every saved shape from OMSketch contains the shape, and its coordinates and other properties. This makes it possible to edit the image when it is open in the editor. The main purpose of OMSketch is to embed shapes into OMNotebook document and also edit back from OMNotebook document to OMSketch. OMSketch is a very interactive and advance graphical editor for OMNotebook document.

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