University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för Management (MAM)

Abstract: The effects of country image on a tourist destination. The case in point South Africa’s image has suffered largely from its derogatory history. With an alarming increase of crime and terrorism activities, tourists are averse to travel to destinations curbed with the image problems. The purpose of this thesis is to re-evaluate the existing theories on country image and contribute to the previous studies that have listed the main attributes of country image rather than “image” construct per se. Country image encapsulate geopolitics, history, personal factors, information sources, and geographical dispensation. Analysis: Collected data has been analyzed by means of comparing, classifying significant characters and transforming raw data to meaningful information which assisted in corroborating the selected theory against the case study. Conclusion: Promoted image brand should always reflect the reality of a destination in question. The case in point SA has a room for a makeover of its image as a safe destination. Arguably, country’s image can be overhauled by reviewing curbing factors that were identified in this study. Notably, some of country image aspects as history and geographical dispensation can not be altered or easily manipulated. However, application of relevant marketing strategies as events and deeds were found relevant in SA context. Inevitably, successfully facilitation for the FIFA 2010 (events) could advance SA’s country profile in terms of trade, investment and tourism.

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