A Usability Study in Primary Care : Conceptual Design of the Representation of Health Problem in Computer Based Medical

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Rebecka Janols; [2008]

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If you ask different kinds of care givers if they work in the same way or if they have the same needs of information when they meet a patient they would say no. In my usability study at Tierp’s health centre I have made contextual interviews with different types of care givers to identify their needs and requirements on the medical record systems. The aim is to make a conceptual design solution for a health issue-orientated medical record system. The different types of care giver think they have different needs. But after analyzing their needs I found out that before they meet a patient they all look into the medical records for patient information. They all want information about earlier diseases, referrals, test results and drugs. Their work is not so different from each others. How they work depends on what kind of health issue the patient has and their individual experience and practice. Some wants to look at many old medical records and other just want to look at their own. I have made a concept that allows the user to make personal settings for some parts in the design. My concept is two different kinds of overviews; one that is a patient overview thats how all present and earlier health issues, drugs and planned contact with the care.The other overview is called health issue overview and shows information about the health issue that the care giver is going to treat.

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