Bridging Lund around Norra Ringen & Getingevägen

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Abstract: The project has focused on a design site located in the city of Lund, Sweden. It so happens that the city has a thin urban tissue and low density yet the city continues to sprawl outwards and to build dreary sea of office blocks. Today the area is dominated by the outdoor sports pitches, a horse riding school and criss-crossed by busy roads. The area lying to the north and west of the site is essentially residential, whereas offices fill most eastern parts and the university campus stretches in the south. In the light of recent sustainability trends the city has now a possibility to grow without sprawl, bridging the gap and connecting the parts stronger. The goal is to stitch together identified potentials, the site and the adjoining areas together and to propose a physical space ready to be filled with activities and life. Since newness is such a perishable commodity the project advocates urban tissue preservation and building in phases.

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