Collecting Characters

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: Coherence is not unity alone, but rather expressing the same cause. How can I form a common expression between a diverse selection of fragments? I have treated the characters as fragments - something that is ripped out of its context and doesn’t belong to a system. They are individuals. The act of collecting characters relates to what the swedish author Torgny Lindgren says about his figures of projection. They are people and places he have encountered in real life, that made a strong impression on him. They have followed him through the years, reoccurring in his authorship in slightly different shapes. This is perhaps what I have been looking for, my own figures of projection within the field of architecture. Along the work with the characters, I have been reading A scientific autobiography by Aldo Rossi. Searching for my own figures of projection, Rossis description of his architectural practice has been to useful help. There is a clear connection between his sources of inspiration and his works, not only in physical resemblance, but also in strong ideas connecting different fragments with each other. The architectural method of this semester could be described as that of still life painting, were seemingly disparate fragments have been carefully joined together. The ambition was to make this diverse selection of characters come together in one building, forming a common voice.

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