Privacy-Preserved Federated Learning : A survey of applicable machine learning algorithms in a federated environment

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Abstract: There is a potential in the field of medicine and finance of doing collaborative machine learning. These areas gather data which can be used for developing machine learning models that could predict all from sickness in patients to acts of economical crime like fraud. The problem that exists is that the data collected is mostly of confidential nature and should be handled with precaution. This makes the standard way of doing machine learning - gather data at one centralized server - unwanted to achieve. The safety of the data have to be taken into account. In this project we will explore the Federated learning approach of ”bringing the code to the data, instead of data to the code”. It is a decentralized way of doing machine learning where models are trained on connected devices and data is never shared. Keeping the data privacypreserved.

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