Public and private Teacher Training Colleges in Afghanistan. : A Comparative Study of Students’ and Teachers’ Motivations and Their Enrolment Procedures in Public and Private TTCs, Kabul-

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Author: Barakat Abdul Mosawer; [2015]

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The primary objective of this study, conducted in Kabul province, is to find out important differences and similarities between public and private Teacher Training Colleges that are operating in 2014 and to find out implications such variations might have for quality of teacher education. Secondary objectives of this study are: a) to explore possible associations between demographic and socio-economic characteristics of student-teachers and the type of Teacher Training Colleges and b) to explore possible association between motivations behind studying in Teacher Training Colleges and the type of Teacher Training Colleges.

This study has targeted directors, lecturers and students from the Teacher Training Colleges. Questionnaires were prepared including items concerning demographic and socio-economic information and thereafter distributed to all three groups. Furthermore, the participants responded about the motivations for students and teachers to enroll in the Teacher Training Colleges. The study will also investigate if eventual differences existed in the enrolment procedures of the students and the recruitment process of the teachers between public and private Teacher Training Colleges.

Based on Ministry of Education’s policy implementation this study found more similarities than differences between public and private Teacher Training Colleges. Differences included enrolment of students through advertisement by the private Teacher Training Colleges while public Teacher Training Colleges enrolled students through the university-admission test called kankor. The recruitment process of teachers’ was the same, at both public and Private Teacher Training Colleges –in which recruited teachers should have minimum 75% average marks at university. The main motives behind teachers’ teaching at public and private Teacher Training Colleges were either close distance to their houses or similar cultural environment at Teacher Training Colleges. Likewise, many students at Private Teacher Training Colleges were enrolled because of high quality of education. Meanwhile Public Teacher Training Colleges, students argued that the study facilities in Public Teacher Training Colleges are better, thus they want to continue education at Public Teacher Training Colleges.

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