Patterns of repeated hybridization between dewberry, Rubus caesius (Rosaceae), and blackberries within Rubus sect. Corylifolii

University essay from Lunds universitet/Examensarbeten i biologi

Author: Marcus Lewin; [2016]

Keywords: Biology and Life Sciences;

Abstract: We have studied the genetic relations among blackberries, Rubus sect. Corylifolii, and dewberries, R. caesius, by comparing presumed hybrids with their parental taxa. To be able to determine the status of the hybrids we have observed absence or presence of nuclear microsatellite alleles in electrophoresis, and calculated the different relative genetic distances between the relevant taxa. Interpreting the results has allowed us to get a better view the taxonomical relations among the studied taxa. In this study R. cyclomorphus comes out as a hybrid between R. caesius and R. norvegicus. Similarly, R. tiliaster appears to be a hybrid between R. caesius and R. camptostachys. We also believe to have found individuals of R. fasciculatus x R. caesius and R. gothicus x R. caesius. We also studied the genetic structuring of R. caesius population. Samples taken from as close as 10 meters apart from each other mostly belonged to different genotypes, showing sexual propagation to be common, and possibly also a high degree of intermixing and long persistence of clones in this species.

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