Gaming as a Service (GaaS) :Investigating if GaaS is a business model or strategy, the potential definition and design and its long- term strategic impact

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Gaming as a Service is not defined in existing research. The lack of a formal definition leads to an ambiguity between its function as a business model and the long-term strategy of the firm. The purpose and aim of this study is to investigate the definition of GaaS business model, distinguishing its function from the strategy. Furthermore, the key components of the model are established based on those identified by previous scholars. To investigate this, a qualitative research approach was chosen and a multiple case study of four companies engaged in the development of video games was conducted. The analysis of the findings was further verified through secondary data collection. The data collected from four in-depth interviews were analysed and combined to compare and contrast the findings from the selected case companies. The empirical findings suggest that the essence of the GaaS business model is to capture customer value and achieve a long-term relationship with the user community. The components of this model are identified with the purpose of delivering the value. Hence, Gaming as a Service is a value centric business model separate from strategy. Moreover, one can conclude that the strategic impact of GaaS could be influenced and developed by further technology innovation in the video game industry.

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