Utilizing digitalization for improved knowledge transfer in Project-Based Organizations : A single case study of a management consulting firm

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Industriell Ekonomi

Abstract: Purpose – The research purpose of this thesis project is to develop a framework that presents how project-based organizations can improve their knowledge transfer through the implementation of more digital solutions. Method – To fulfil the research purpose, the study took an exploratory and qualitative research approach. Due to the chosen approach, an abductive research strategy paved the way for a successful performance of this project. The data collection was conducted through 18 semi-structured interviews, where 12 of them consisted of interviews with various employees of the case study organization and six semi-structured interviews with purposely selected customers of the organization. The conducted data was analysed through the thematic analysis method. Results – The results consist of an in-depth understanding regarding how project-based organizations can improve their knowledge transfer processes and benefit from increased implementation of digitalization. The conducted data lead to the development of a framework that include guidelines and next steps for implementing more digital solutions for improved knowledge transfer and an increased organizational knowledge base. Theoretical contribution – The theoretical contribution of this single case study is addressing the gap of the research on temporary organizations such as project-based organizations and their knowledge transfer processes. By connecting project-based organizations’ knowledge transfer processes to the eminent phenomenon, digitalization, this study also contributes to the inadequate research area of how project-based organizations can utilize the benefits of a higher implementation of digital solutions. Practical implications – The findings are based on an organization within the area of consulting and professional services. Hence, the findings are intended to be general guidelines how digitalization can be beneficial for all types of project-based organizations. The overall findings present how successful assimilation of knowledge is enabled through utilization of digital solutions, routines of knowledge transfer and that each project participant is granted enough resources.

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