Characters Extraction for Traffic Sign Destination boards in video and still images

University essay from Datateknik

Author: Qiu Peng; [2010]

Keywords: RGB; HSV; extract character; SVM;

Abstract: Traffic Control Signs or destination boards on roadways offer significant information for drivers. Regulation signs tell something like your speed, turns, etc; Warning signs warn drivers of conditions ahead to help them avoid accidents; Destination signs show distances and directions to various locations; Service signs display location of hospitals, gas and rest areas etc. Because the signs are so important and there is always a certain distance from them to drivers, to let the drivers get information clearly and easily even in bad weather or other situations. The idea is to develop software which can collect useful information from a special camera which is mounted in the front of a moving car to extract the important information and finally show it to the drivers. For example, when a frame contains on a destination drive sign board it will be text something like "Linkoping 50",so the software should extract every character of "Linkoping 50", compare them with the already known character data in the database. if there is extracted character match "k" in the database then output the destination name and show to the driver. In this project C++ will be used to write the code for this software.

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