How Big Data Affects UserExperienceReducing cognitive load in big data applications

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Gabriella Kämpe; [2019]

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Abstract: We have entered the age of big data. Massive data sets are common in enterprises, government, and academia. Interpreting such scales of data is still hard for the human mind. This thesis investigates how proper design can decrease the cognitive load in data-heavy applications. It focuses on numeric data describing economic growth in retail organizations. It aims to answer the questions: What is important to keep in mind when designing an interface that holds large amounts of data? and How to decrease the cognitive load in complex user interfaces without reducing functionality?. It aims to answer these questions by comparing two user interfaces in terms of efficiency, structure, ease of use and navigation. Each interface holds the same functionality and amount of data, but one is designed to increase user experience by reducing cognitive load. The design choices in the second application are based on the theory found in the literature study in the thesis.

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