A Journey in the Pathways of Maqam and arranging Muwashahat

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Abstract: In this project, I explore the Arabic scalar system “Maqam” through studying, analysing and arranging one of the most traditional Arabic song forms “Muwashah”. I explore the different possibilities of arranging this song form inan untraditional way, by using western instruments and musicians who come fromdifferent musical backgrounds. In this project, I suggest some possibilities of dealing with harmonizing traditional Arabic music, and different individual techniques of arranging that are inspired by different genres. This project is amixture of using my intuition and intellectual musical skills in arranging music.In this study, I am sharing my experience as an Arab singer who is arranging traditional Arabic music for an ensemble that consists of musicians from different musical backgrounds other than Arabic music. Later in the study, I share theanalysis of my arrangements of six songs, that are composed using the Muwashahsong form.For those who are not very familiar with the Maqam system, I demonstrate somebasic principles of this system in the first chapters, as well as a small introductionabout the Muwashah song form. This project is mainly written for readers who has a good knowledge Music and interested to explore and understand some principals of the Maqam System. This is a step in my journey as a singer, arranger and band leader.

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