Conversion Rate Optimization : A Qualitative Approach to Identifying Optimization Barriers

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Datateknik och informatik

Abstract: This thesis examined the question “What barriers are preventing Swedish companies from performing a structured conversion rate optimization process?”. As the purpose is to obtain an understanding of what is preventing companies from successfully execute conversion rate optimization (CRO). Given that CRO is an important part in most digital marketing activities. And despite increase in budget and importance in marketing, resource constraint continues to be the biggest obstacle.  The method employed to investigate this question was qualitative interviews with participants who worked with websites in seven different companies. An analysis was carried out, estimating the participating companies’ level of knowledge, overall structure, what to prioritize and current obstacles. It was established that the interviewees had several different areas of concern with regards to conversion rate optimization. Limited time, budget, priorities, knowledge, ownership, structured approach and interpreting data, were all treated in the analysis. A discussion was carried out to argument the definition of “biggest” barrier, as some barriers were more common than others but easier to overcome. Overall, these obstacles could all be traced back to barriers as prioritization, structure and ownership. The conclusion was that companies must have a more structured working process within the area of conversion rate optimization in order for this practice to be prioritized as a substantial part of companies online marketing activities.

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