Prerequisites for a BI education at a business school

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: The rise of Business Intelligence (BI) have received attention the last years from both IS re-searches and organizations. Research gaps in BI literature indicates a need to cover BI educa-tion from a country specific context, a graduate student perspective and to review the skillset and domain knowledge for BI professionals. This thesis aims to cover those gaps by exploring the prerequisites for a BI master at a business school. Based on a literature review, three key areas were identified surrounding BI education. Carrying out interviews with students, aca-demia and industry all based in Sweden, the findings conclude that fundamental skills of a BI professional is analytical skills, communication skills, and information technology and business knowledge. It also concludes a need for input from industry when designing a BI education, and the importance of having relevant practical training in BI education. Furthermore, BI should be viewed as an interdisciplinary field and involve input from multiple academic disci-plines, where IS could have a central role. Those disciplines are covered at most business schools, making it a relevant housing alternative for a BI education. Lastly, online delivery of BI education is something that should be considered.

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