Enhancing the Interactivity in the Classroom via Smartphone

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Mikael Åsberg; [2011]

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In order to enrich the interactivity in the classroom a digital survey system can be employed to enable teachers to enquire questions to the students and review the answers in a quick and effortless way. Today at Uppsala University a commercial survey system is in use that consists of; handheld devices used by students to submit an answer, Wi-Fi adapters that receive the answers from the devices and software that creates and presents survey sessions. This report is concerned about finding an alternative to that system and is aimed primarily to improve the economical factor. The approach is to make use of the increasing amount of Smartphone devices that flourish among students today. This resulted into a solution that holds the basic features of the original system. The design employs a Smartphone application which lets the students select a survey from a content manager and then fill it out by interacting with an online survey service. The outcome of a survey can, similarly to the original system, be presented in an integrated fashion within a presentation slide to reduce the need of switching windows when showing a presentation.

In conclusion there is a basic and free alternative to the current system assuming every student has a Smartphone available. One of the advantages beside the economical factor include being easier to manage for the teachers as there is no need to administer response devices to the students prior to a survey session.

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