Trangia Maxi : Development of a Multiple Burner Portable Stove

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Author: Liselott Hultros; [2022]

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Abstract: This work was conducted at the request of Trangia, a Swedish company known for selling and manufacturing the classical camping stove “stormköket”. Beyond camping stoves Trangia also offer several accessories for cooking outdoors, for example safe fuel bottles and separate cookware. The majority of Trangia’s products are manufactured in their own factory in Trång outside of Östersund. Today Trangia offer solely one-burner camping stoves, made for one pot at a time, the purpose of this project was to investigate the market for and bring forward a relevant (for Trangia and the target group) design of a multiple-burner camping stove with room for at least two pots at a time. The work began with a State-of-the-Art-research to find out what is out on the market today from other manufacturers. A survey was sent out to investigate how multiple burner camping stoves are used today, and to circle the target groups for such a stove from Trangia. Further, two workshops were held to study how unfamiliar users experience cooking on camping stoves. A literature study was made on the topic of branding. There, information was collected on the different parts and issues of branding as well as different authors view on what is most important on the topic. This could then be used to examine how Trangia presents as a brand within these areas. The results from the initial investigations weighed together and four design proposals were put forward. These were compared and evaluated using evaluation matrices together with interviews. One proposal was chosen to continue working on, and prototypes were made to better get an understanding of the size and function. A wind-test was especially conducted to examine the design and function of the wind shields, along with a test of a grill-attachment that enables the stove to be used as a grill. The finished product is a CAD-model of a two-burner camping stove. This stove, just like Trangia’s other stoves, allows the user to stove cookware and other appliances inside the stove when it is not in use. It also has mounts for straps so that it can be carried like a bag or a backpack. Further, a physical prototype must be made to verify that the solution will work in practice.

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