Intelligent Wind Turbine Using Fuzzy PID Control

University essay from KTH/Mekatronik; KTH/Mekatronik

Abstract: This thesis demonstrates how small wind turbines can contributeto a greener planet by using wind energy to generateelectrical power. It compares the conventional PIDcontroller with the Fuzzy PID controller, implemented ina small wind turbine that was constructed using variousmachines. The concept of changing the gain parameters of the PIDcontroller with fuzzy logic, depending on the wind directionfor greater power generation, is explained and tested. This,with usage of a DC-motor that gets an output signal fromthe system which reads input values from an encoder anda wind vane. The construction included a powertrain inwhich a transmission, roller bearings and shafts were implementedin the yaw mechanism. The tests resulted in showing that the Fuzzy PID controllerperformed better, minimizing the error, when theerror between the wind turbine and the wind itself, wassmall. The power generation was also increased when utilizingthe Fuzzy PID controller. However, the PID controllerperformed similar to the Fuzzy PID controller whenexposed to larger errors.

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