New Mathematics Text Books for Secondary schools in Afghanistan : Teacher’s Views

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap (from 2013)

Author: Raheema Hedayatzai; [2013]

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Education is one of the personal human rights of individuals. It is very valuable right for an indi-vidual or a whole society to be educated. This study has been done to know teachers’ views about problems and challenges that teachers face during teaching of mathematics text book in upper secondary

As we know mathematics education is necessary for development of mental discipline and capacity. It helps student in critical thinking and increase their power of analyzing the world. In Afghanistan, post-conflict country educational bases have been destroyed by three decades war. There is need to improve education, especially, teachers’ education in order to improve mathematics teachers education in Afghanistan. A fact that we face with, because of thirty years of war, the teachers proficiency remained imbalance. Also Afghanistan remained back in educa-tion but new text book is the biggest change in education toward a good quality in education. For example in the past more subjects like math, algebra, geometry and etc. were taught individually, in many separate books but now these are incorporated into one book. In addition, each subject was taught by one teacher but now one teacher has to teach all of them alone. Statistics and probability are the new subjects in the new textbooks which were not in the curriculum in the past. The survey has not been made about the textbooks up to now.

.Questionnaires was distributed to 70 teachers in different provinces. In this study for data collec-tion and gaining teacher view on this regard teacher participate from deferent provinces (Kabul Ningarhar or and Paktia ).It has been found that the new textbooks are better designed than the old textbooks and are based on the modern teaching and learning materials while the old text-books are designed on the old system of learning and teaching system. On the other hand, teach-ers like and prefer the new textbooks for students learning and they claim that new textbooks contain better mathematics knowledge and contents which are more useful for students learning.

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