Modern European Mythmaking: The Use of Myth in the European Union

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This thesis explores the idea of a united Europe, while treating this idea as a political myth. A discussion will be given on how myths work in politics and how they have been used in certain past events in Europe. The ECSC and Eastern enlargement will be used in explaining different aspects of how the idea of a united Europe has been used. These two instances represent different aspects of the European project and serve as a means of showing how the use of the myth has changed over time. The paper will also highlight some of the shortcomings of the application of the myth. For example, until recently, it has not been used in such a way as to help integrate the people of Europe. Though Europe may be growing towards unity in many areas, the people of Europe do not seem to be thinking of themselves as being European, which keeps Europe from being seen as united. Though this issue does not speak negatively on the myth itself, it does point to some of the shortcomings of its effectiveness as an idea to help Europe achieve unity.

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