Exploring the Gauge Sector of a Composite Two-Higgs Doublet Model

University essay from Lunds universitet/Teoretisk partikelfysik - Geonomgår omorganisation

Abstract: In this bachelor thesis we investigate the gauge sector of a specific composite two-Higgs doublet model, allowing more freedom for the gauge couplings and compositeness scales. From the underlying parameters we generate model realisations with the correct top mass, Higgs mass and electroweak vacuum expectation value, that satisfy theoretical constraints such as unitarity and perturbativity. We also use collider data from LEP, LHC and the Tevatron to put experimental constraints on the model realisations. We study how the properties of the resulting models depend on the underlying parameters in the gauge sector and identify interesting regions where the mass differences of the heavy Higgs bosons are large such that H --> A Z decays are possible.

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