Agile Methodology Implementation in a Remote Digital Environment : A Case Study of a Large Scale Insurance Company

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Företagsekonomi; Linköpings universitet/Filosofiska fakulteten

Abstract: Through this case study, we sought to analyze a U.S. based insurance company’s implementation of agile methodologies in a remote digital environment in comparison to using agile in a typical physical environment work setting. We wanted to gain an in-depth perception through questioning if this company changed how they use agile methodologies during the COVID-19 pandemic, what the benefits and drawbacks of using agile methodologies are in a remote digital environment, if individual project roles were impacted with remote use of agile methodologies, and what is the reasoning of the company regarding the use of agile methodologies remotely after the pandemic? A semi-structured interview was done with six respondents that work with agile methodologies in an IT Division at a large scale U.S. insurance company to gain insight into our questions through a qualitative study. According to the respondents, they were satisfied with how the company implemented agile methodologies remotely, but some felt it was a wake-up call that agile methodologies were not the best methodology that their project team could employ. These results can be used for future organizations not just to see how they can better implement agile methodologies in a remote setting and how they can better use agile methodologies to foster better communication, Knowledge Transfer, and Competence Development with their employees.

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