Object Detection

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Inbyggda system

Author: Antonio Ezio Frascarelli; [2015]

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Abstract: During the last two decades the interest about computer vision raised steadily with multiple applications in fields like medical care, automotive, entertainment, retail, industrial, and security. Objectdetection is part of the recognition problem, which is the most important scope of the computervision environment.The target of this thesis work is to analyse and propose a solution for object detection in a real timedynamic environment. RoboCup@Home will be the benchmarking event for this system, which willbe equipped on a robot competing in the 2018 event. The system has to be robust and fast enoughto allow the robot to react to each environment change in a reasonable amount of time.The input hardware used to achieve such system comprise of a Microsoft Kinect, which providesan high definition camera and fast and reliable 3D scanner. Through the study and analysis ofstate-of-the-art algorithms regarding machine vision and object recognition, the more suitable oneshave been tested to optimise the execution on the targeted hardware. Porting of the application toan embedded platform is discussed.

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