Homework – Just Benefits?

University essay from Malmö högskola/Lärarutbildningen (LUT)

Author: John Dennis; [2008]

Keywords: homework; policy;

Abstract: Homework is and has been an integral part of school for many years. However, in the last few years, some professionals have begun to question whether or not homework should be a part of school or not. Opinions vary greatly on this position. Some have even gone on to claim that it is unwarranted and even detrimental to students’ education. Others mean that it is an absolute necessity. This dissertation is an investigation of the viewpoints on the rationale for homework of 6 teachers of English at junior high level. In order to gain insight to their views, qualitative interviews were utilized. The results show that each of the consulted educators of English utilizes homework as a learning tool in their teaching. The purpose of assigning homework is that it fills the function of giving the students the opportunity to review, to take responsibility in keeping a schedule, planning and for their education, and to train in studying. I have come to the conclusion that if students are to be assigned homework, it is imperative that the homework is interesting for them and that the pupils see it as something that will promote their development in the subject.

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