Impact of parking maneuvers on space mean speed and average travel time.

University essay from KTH/Transportvetenskap

Author: Ermias Tesfaye Adula; [2011]

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Parking maneuver is one among the numerous factors which affect the traffic movement. In this thesis work the impact of parking maneuvers and double parking on the traffic performance of urban street segments is studied. In order to analyze the traffic performance, the impact on the travel time and space mean speed is studied. Two approaches are used for the study; the Micro analysis and Macro analysis. In the Micro analysis the study is not time bounded. The impact of individual vehicles is studied against the event of interest. These events include inbound parking maneuvers, outbound parking maneuvers, double parking and the load/unload activities. On the other hand for the Macro study the events in a five minute interval are studied for eight and a half hour for each site. Each five minute interval is taken as a single data input for the regression analysis. To study the impact on travel time speed trajectory is used and to study the space mean speed regression analysis is used. According to this study the parking maneuvers give rise to a speed reduction of almost 2 Km/hr and double parking 7km/hr. Similarly, the load/unload maneuvers cause a speed reduction of 3Km/hr.

Normally two basic tasks are included in this thesis work; data reduction and data analysis. The raw data for this thesis work is a video recording of 8 and half hours for four different spots. Regression analysis and speed trajectory are the main analysis approaches employed for the data analysis. Speed trajectory is used for the Micro analysis and regression analysis is used for the Macro analysis.

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