IMPLEMENTATION OF   ”MATRIX DATA CODE’’ MARKING ON GEAR KITS : Marking and reading of the marked data on the pinion and crown wheel after hardening and phosphating processes

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Maskinteknisk produktframtagning (MTEK)


This thesis has been performed in cooperation with the companyMeritorHVSABin order to implement amatrix data codes marked on gear kits for reducing potentialhuman errorwhen inputtingthe information inside thecompany's business system. Asustainablemarkingis the basis forproducttraceability to followa product'swayfrom theraw materialto finished product so that they can betracedthroughouttheir life cycle. To investigate thecurrent technology, two different marking andreadingmethods were tested: a laser and dot peen method. It has been found that the dot peen method was more suitable for Meritorto mark thewheel because the markswere clearerand couldbe readbothwith the naked eyeand scanner. Conversely, the contrast of the mark created by the laser method was not as readable as the dotted marks and there has been a larger risk to be mechanically removed because of its thin thickness.As a result, the matrix data code made by dot peen method has been fully implemented on the pinion’sandcrown wheel’s production in Meritor.

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