Balancing Structure and Flexibility in the Project Process - A Case Study of Project Management at Where Is My Pony

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: The practice of project management has been used by organizations for many yearsand different philosophies have emerged. Among the philosophies is both traditionaland modern project management as well as project management practicesintegrating sustainability. However, its implications for smaller and creativeorganizations are limited in research. Advertising agencies are creative organizationsthat primarily work project-based, and the use of project management practiceshave been identified important for project success. Nonetheless, how projectmanagement is used within advertising agencies has been poorly identified and howthey can implement sustainability into these practices is non-evident.The aim of this research is therefore to investigate how an advertising agency worksin their project process. Looking into the Gothenburg-based organization Where Is MyPony and how their projects process is constructed and how sustainability isintegrated in it, gives empirical evidence to how smaller creative organizations workin projects. By further investigating improvement areas it gives implications both totheory and practice in how to successfully manage projects as an advertisingagency. To conduct this research a case study was performed by interviewing allemployees at Where Is My Pony along with some of their clients. The empirical findingsare analyzed in combination with the literature on the topic and aid in demonstratinghow an advertising agency can construct and improve their project process whileintegrating sustainability as a foundation. This study establishes that there is a gap inthe literature as well as in practice in how to best integrate sustainability into projectsfor small creative organizations. Nevertheless, it is concluded that it is paramount thatthe project process at Where Is My Pony balances a distinctive project process, thatincludes sustainability in every step and guides the framework for the creative work,while still enable a flexible element to be able to meet the clients need. Thereby thisresearch gives contributions both to practice and theory, by creating anunderstanding how advertising agencies could design their project managementprocess while integrating sustainability.

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