Developer usability testing : A real world example

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Abstract: The iPhone has thanks to its multitouch interface, size and connectivity change the way we communicate. To fully utilize this technology we can involve users in the development process to help make highly usable software applications. One way to do this we somehow need to get the users to use our systems. What techniques are there to do this? And will they fit our product? Are there any way we can involve the users in the development process of an iPhone application, in this thesis I investigate if this can be accomplished by conducting usability tests with users on an iPhone application. The usability testing gives an insight into how the users work with and adapts to the users interface. The questionnaires given to the participants gave insight into how the users considered the usability and usefulness of the application. This data gave the development much needed data on the application to make it better and more usable. Since earlier research into user involvement have shown a strong connection to usable software and usability testing could be integrated successfully into the development by the single programmer, the conclusion can be drawn that single developer that incorporates usability testing into the development process as a form of user involvement makes more usable software. The usability was tested on an iPhone application built for an American online classified ads website.

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