Denmark, Sweden and the CFSP - Two similar countries facing different political realities

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This study examines which factors on a systemic, domestic, and leadership level are determinants in deciding Sweden and Denmark's diverging relationship to the Common Foreign and Security Policy sector of the European Union. In the systemic level of analysis, a country's relative position in the global political system is studied. In the domestic scene, factors such as the governmental structure, public opinion, and interests groups are examined. Finally, there is a leadership analysis of the respective Prime Ministers in order to study their relative impact on the country's affiliation with the CFSP. The study further proposes that the systemic sector is where the countries differs the least from one another considering their systemic security orientation. The domestic sector is where the more fundamental differences are found due to different governmental structures, laws regarding referendum, and powerful interests groups. In the leadership level, the Swedish Prime Minister is found to have more room for maneuvering and is therefore considered to be more influential than his Danish counterpart on the country's CFSP relationship.

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