Measurement of Game Immersion through Subjective Approach

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för datalogi och datorsystemteknik

Abstract: Context. People in recent times are getting engaged more often in playing video games. Few play for enjoyment, few play for stress relaxation and so on. Generally, the degree of involvement of a player with the game is described as game immersion. People when immersed into playing a game doesn't realize that they are getting dissociated with the outside world and are losing track of time. Objectives. In this research, the main objective is to explore the relationship between the game immersion and game experience using the five factors of game immersion. In addition, the study also involves exploring different methods that can be used to measure game immersion. Methods. In this research, initially literature review has been conducted to explore the meaning of game immersion and also different methods that can be used to measure it and next user studies in the form an experiment was conducted to measure game immersion. After the experiment was conducted regression analysis was performed on the data obtained from the results to describe the relation between game immersion and game experience. Results. After the experiment participants were asked to answer the IEQ questionnaire and the answers obtained from the questionnaire are analyzed using regression analysis. An inverse linear regression was observed between game immersion and game experience. Conclusions. After analyzing the data, from the observed inverse linear regression, it is concluded that game immersion levels decrease with the increase in the game experience.

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