Creating Augmented 360 Experiences with Focus on People with Mobility Impairments

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi; Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Julio Andres Tapia Escobar; Ruba Abou Torab; [2018]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: Having mobility impairments affects the physical side of a person but will also the psychological and the mental one. This will cause to limit the access to the outside environment which has negative influence on person's life satisfaction. 'The Experience Library - 360°' research project proposes to create possibilities for people to experience real life situations in a way that feels as real as possible, without the need to move physically. This thesis will be part of the research project and it will focus on studying how to create an immersive interactive experience using 360o videos with focus on people with mobility impairment as the target group, in addition to identifying the qualities of the created experience. The results of this study show that the interaction in the created experience is a critical immersion factor to increase the feeling of presence in the user. An additional important factor is to create and design while crafting the experience is the sounds which effects the feeling of presence as well in the user. The results also present other significant factors and insights to consider in order to create more immersive experience and increase the feeling of presence in the users.

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